Array of Seafood Kit

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Array of Seafood Kit

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Prepping for a family dinner? Leave the hassle to us!

We have specially curated these seafood products that are widely enjoyed for your convenience, ranging from an assortment of Squid, Fish, Scallops and Clams.

Array of Seafood Kit consists of:

  • Frozen Salmon Fillet Portion 500gm
  • Frozen Half Shell Scallop 1kg
  • Frozen Unagi Slice 160gm
  • Frozen Fish & Co. Home Treats Squid Rings 500gm
  • Frozen Boiled Asari Clams 500gm
  • Frozen Fish & Co. Home Treats Vannamei HOSO Prawns 26/30 500gm
  • Frozen Cuttlefish Slice 160gm

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Weight: Approximately 3.3kg

Suitable for 5-6 pax

To avoid affecting the quality of product, do not refreeze once product is thawed.