Frozen Vannamei HOSO 26/30

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Frozen Fish & Co. Home Treats Vannamei HOSO 26/30

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Our Vannamei Prawns are HOSO, which simply means Head On and Shell On, all specially curated for your convenience. Our Prawns are also 26/30 in grade size, which means that they are bigger in size. Definitely a bang for your buck!

Curated from the creators of seafood in a pan, Fish & Co. has came up with a brilliant idea to create Home Treats products for their consumers to whip up their own fanciful meals at the comfort of their homes.

Click here to explore our exclusive Home Treat recipe for Vannamei HOSO 26/30!

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Weight: Approximately 500gm

Suitable for 2-3 pax

Country of Origin: Vietnam

To avoid affecting the quality of product, do not refreeze once product is thawed.